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We're feeding PS17 during
Teachers & Staff Appreciation week!

We'll be honoring our PS17 staff, the amazing people that take care of our children on May 8 through 12!

While we appreciate them everyday, we thought it'd be nice to give them a little special recognition.

We'll be providing some goodies for them throughout the week, with the POTLUCK, where you can cook for them being the highlight!

However, not all of us are savvy in the kitchen, or can't find the time (or sanity) that week to cook. If you still want to contribute, you can donate to this specific cause by filling out the form next to this message.

Thank you!!

Help us
Feed the PS17 Family

Your contribution will be used to purchase goodies for Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!


Thank you for your donation!

Help us fund our Other Causes

Here you will find some other causes that you can support! The funds will be used solely for that cause.

These will change throughout the year depending on ongoing events and as the need gets met.

We'll let you know!

PS 17 Staff Lounge needs 
New Refrigerator

We've seen it. It's on its last legs.


The shelves come tumbling down and the nicely packed lunches all avalanche on each other.​ And soon everyone is screaming (in their heads) like the kids as they set loose for recess. 

We are hoping that you can spare any amount to help the PS17 staff be able to purchase a new icebox for their lounge.

OR if you have a barely used refrigerator

Thank you!!

Help the Staff Buy
New Refrigerator

Your contribution will go to the general fund, which pays for enrichment programs.


Thank you for your donation!

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